How Do You Spell FETES?

Correct spelling for the English word "fetes" is [f_ˈeɪ_t_s], [fˈe͡ɪts], [fˈe‍ɪts]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for FETES

Below is the list of 178 misspellings for the word "fetes".

Similar spelling words for FETES

Anagrams of FETES

4 letters

  • efts,
  • fees,
  • feet,
  • fete,
  • tees.

3 letters

Usage Examples for FETES

  1. Delighted above all things at a success gained over the English, who had for centuries been victorious in every battle in which England and France had met as enemies, the citizens of Paris organized a succession of brilliant fetes, which were responded to by entertainments of all kinds at Versailles. - "Bonnie Prince Charlie A Tale of Fontenoy and Culloden" by G. A. Henty
  2. I will say nothing of the fetes which were given in his honor during this journey, nor of the remarkable things which occurred. - "The Project Gutenberg Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte" by Bourrienne, Constant, and Stewarton

Conjugate verb Fetes


I would fete
we would fete
you would fete
he/she/it would fete
they would fete


I will fete
we will fete
you will fete
he/she/it will fete
they will fete


I will have feted
we will have feted
you will have feted
he/she/it will have feted
they will have feted


I feted
we feted
you feted
he/she/it feted
they feted


I had feted
we had feted
you had feted
he/she/it had feted
they had feted


I fete
we fete
you fete
he/she/it fetes
they fete


I have feted
we have feted
you have feted
he/she/it has feted
they have feted
I am feting
we are feting
you are feting
he/she/it is feting
they are feting
I was feting
we were feting
you were feting
he/she/it was feting
they were feting
I will be feting
we will be feting
you will be feting
he/she/it will be feting
they will be feting
I have been feting
we have been feting
you have been feting
he/she/it has been feting
they have been feting
I had been feting
we had been feting
you had been feting
he/she/it had been feting
they had been feting
I will have been feting
we will have been feting
you will have been feting
he/she/it will have been feting
they will have been feting
I would have feted
we would have feted
you would have feted
he/she/it would have feted
they would have feted
I would be feting
we would be feting
you would be feting
he/she/it would be feting
they would be feting
I would have been feting
we would have been feting
you would have been feting
he/she/it would have been feting
they would have been feting