How Do You Spell FICE?

The word "fice" is a rather unusual spelling. It is pronounced as /faɪs/ in IPA, with the "i" being pronounced as a long "i" sound. The word has its origins in the Middle English word "flesen," meaning "to fart" or "to break wind." Over time, the meaning of the word has evolved to refer to a small, snappy-tempered dog. While "fice" may not be a commonly used word, its interesting history and unique spelling make it a fun addition to anyone's vocabulary.

Common Misspellings for FICE

  • ficwe
  • ficew
  • ficse
  • fic4e
  • fice4
  • fic3e
  • fice3
  • fcie
  • fiice
  • ficce
  • ficee
  • Fyce
  • Fmce
  • Fhce
  • Ficm
  • Ficg
  • f ice
  • fi ce
  • fic e

Similar spelling words for FICE

Plural form of FICE is FICES

13 words made out of letters FICE

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