How Do You Spell FIEND-LIKE?

The word "fiend-like" is spelled with a combination of three sounds: /fiːnd/, /laɪk/ and a connecting vowel /ə/. The first sound, /fiːnd/, is pronounced as the word "feend" with a long e sound. The second sound is /laɪk/ which is pronounced as "like". Lastly, the connecting vowel /ə/ is pronounced as "uh". Together, these three sounds create the spelling of "fiend-like", describing a person or action with qualities resembling those of a devilish and evil fiend.

Common Misspellings for FIEND-LIKE

  • diend-like
  • ciend-like
  • viend-like
  • giend-like
  • tiend-like
  • fuend-like
  • fjend-like
  • fkend-like
  • foend-like
  • f9end-like
  • f8end-like
  • fiwnd-like
  • fisnd-like
  • fidnd-like
  • firnd-like
  • fi4nd-like
  • fi3nd-like
  • fiebd-like
  • fiemd-like
  • fiejd-like

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