How Do You Spell FIESTA?

Correct spelling for the English word "fiesta" is [fiːˈɛstə], [fiːˈɛstə], [f_iː__ˈɛ_s_t_ə]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for FIESTA

Below is the list of 125 misspellings for the word "fiesta".

Similar spelling words for FIESTA

Plural form of FIESTA is FIESTAS

Definition of FIESTA

  1. Among Spanish, a religious festival; a saint's day or holiday; also, a holiday or festivity.

Anagrams of FIESTA

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Usage Examples for FIESTA

  1. Nearly all led by the hand or carried in their arms a little boy or girl decked out as if for a fiesta. - "The Reign of Greed Complete English Version of 'El Filibusterismo'" by Jose Rizal
  2. My mother is making a little fiesta here. - "Philippine Folk-Tales" by Clara Kern Bayliss, Berton L. Maxfield, W. H. Millington, Fletcher Gardner, Laura Watson Benedict

What does fiesta stand for?

Abbreviation FIESTA means:

  1. Formation Internationale en Epidémiologie et Statistique de Terrain Approfondies
  2. Fast Imaging Employing Steady-state Acquisition