How Do You Spell FIGHT BACK?

Pronunciation: [fˈa͡ɪt bˈak] (IPA)

The phrase "fight back" is spelled with the /f/ sound at the beginning, represented by the letter "f". The /aɪ/ sound is represented by the letters "igh" in the word "fight", while the /b/ sound is represented by the letter "b" in the word "back". The stress is on the first syllable, so it is pronounced as /faɪt/. The phrase means to actively resist an attack or adversity, and is commonly used in motivational speeches or sports events.

FIGHT BACK Meaning and Definition

  1. Fight back is a phrasal verb that refers to the act of resisting or defending oneself against a physical attack, verbal assault, or an undesirable situation. It entails responding to aggression or adversity with force, determination, or countermeasures in order to protect oneself or assert one's rights or opinions.

    In the context of physical violence, fighting back involves engaging in physical combat to resist or ward off an assailant or opponent. This can include using defensive maneuvers, counterattacks, or self-defense techniques to repel the attack and protect oneself from harm. Similarly, in the face of verbal attacks or insults, fighting back involves responding assertively or vigorously to refute or challenge the aggression, standing up for one's beliefs or defending one's reputation.

    Fight back can also extend beyond physical altercations or verbal conflicts and apply to adverse or unfavorable circumstances. In this sense, fighting back describes the act of confronting or countering obstacles, difficulties, or setbacks with resilience, determination, or defiance. It denotes taking proactive measures, developing strategies, or exerting effort to overcome challenges, regain control, or achieve a desired outcome.

    Overall, fight back encompasses the idea of resisting, defending, or retaliating against aggression, whether it is physical, verbal, or circumstantial, with the aim of protecting oneself, asserting one's rights, beliefs, or opinions, and overcoming adversity.

Common Misspellings for FIGHT BACK

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  • cight back
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  • gight back
  • tight back
  • right back
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  • fkght back
  • foght back
  • f9ght back
  • f8ght back
  • fifht back
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  • figgt back

Etymology of FIGHT BACK

The word "fight" has Old English origins and can be traced back to the Proto-Germanic word "fehtan", meaning "to combat". Similarly, the Old English word "bak" meant "back" or "reverse direction". When combined, "fight back" carries the connotation of defending oneself or retaliating against an opposition.

Idioms with the word FIGHT BACK

  • fight back (at sm or sth) The idiom "fight back (at someone or something)" means to resist or counterattack against a person or situation that has caused harm, distress, or injustice. It refers to standing up for oneself and defending against an unfavorable or unfair circumstance.
  • fight back (at someone or something) The idiom "fight back (at someone or something)" means to resist or respond aggressively to an attack or criticism. It refers to taking a stand or defending oneself against someone or something that is causing harm or provocation.
  • fight back To resist or defend oneself against an attack or criticism.

Similar spelling words for FIGHT BACK

Conjugate verb Fight back


I would fight back
you would fight back
he/she/it would fight back
we would fight back
they would fight back


I would be fighting back
you would be fighting back
he/she/it would be fighting back
we would be fighting back
they would be fighting back


I would have fight back
you would have fight back
he/she/it would have fight back
we would have fight back
they would have fight back


I would have been fighting back
you would have been fighting back
he/she/it would have been fighting back
we would have been fighting back
they would have been fighting back


I will fight back
you will fight back
he/she/it will fight back
we will fight back
they will fight back


I will be fighting back
you will be fighting back
he/she/it will be fighting back
we will be fighting back
they will be fighting back


I will have fought back
you will have fought back
he/she/it will have fought back
we will have fought back
they will have fought back


I will have been fighting back
you will have been fighting back
he/she/it will have been fighting back
we will have been fighting back
they will have been fighting back


you fight back
we let´s fight back


to fight back


I fought back
you fought back
he/she/it fought back
we fought back
they fought back


I was fighting back
you were fighting back
he/she/it was fighting back
we were fighting back
they were fighting back


fought back


I had fought back
you had fought back
he/she/it had fought back
we had fought back
they had fought back


I had been fighting back
you had been fighting back
he/she/it had been fighting back
we had been fighting back
they had been fighting back


I fight back
you fight back
he/she/it fights back
we fight back
they fight back


I am fighting back
you are fighting back
he/she/it is fighting back
we are fighting back
they are fighting back


fighting back


I have fought back
you have fought back
he/she/it has fought back
we have fought back
they have fought back


I have been fighting back
you have been fighting back
he/she/it has been fighting back
we have been fighting back
they have been fighting back


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