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Tips on how to Operate the Online Spell Checker for Finnish - Suomi.

Spelling errors, while easy to gloss over when you are proofreading, stick out like rotten eggs to potential employers, teachers and grammatically inclined customers. Typos are nothing to be embarrassed about. Even people who write for a living make mistakes now and then, which is why all professional writers rely on spellcheck. Spellcheck programs are too often limited to just one language, but has the most expansive collection of spellcheck tools on the Internet, including a Finnish spellchecker.

How You Can Use The Finnish Spellcheck

Copy and paste the desired text into the box on, then click on the button that says "Spell Check." A separate window will appear showing your text with errors now underlined in red. Click on an error to receive a list of correction suggestions. Select the choice that best fits your intended meaning and click on the "Change" button to correct the error. If you find that you made the same mistake several times in the piece, click "Change All" to fix each common misspelling.

If the Finnish spell checker underlines words that you know are spelled correctly, like uncommon names or acronyms, click on the word in question and click the "Ignore" or "Ignore All" button. By clicking the "Options" button, you can open a menu that lets you instruct the spellchecker to ignore words in all caps, words with numbers and URLs.

Always Write What You Mean

On top of keeping your spelling impeccable, has a Finnish dictionary to help make sure you always write what you mean. At the bottom of the homepage, you can find a list of the alphabet. Select a letter to be directed to the entries beginning with that character.

Don't Let Misspellings Cost You An Opportunity is too valuable of a tool to ignore. By not using a spellcheck tool, you risk making small mistakes that can have lifelong consequences, such as missing out on a job interview or losing a potential customer. Run every resume, essay, or ad copy you write through the Finnish spell check tool before anyone else sees it.