How Do You Spell FIRTHS?

Correct spelling for the English word "firths" is [f_ˈɜː_θ_s], [fˈɜːθs], [fˈɜːθs]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Below is the list of 78 misspellings for the word "firths".

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Usage Examples for FIRTHS

  1. The " rock" alluded to was the celebrated and much dreaded Inch Cape- more familiarly known as the Bell Rock- which being at that time unmarked by lighthouse or beacon of any kind, was the terror of mariners who were making for the firths of Forth and Tay. - "The Lighthouse" by Robert Ballantyne
  2. These bays and firths are invariably of an immense depth, and sufficiently capacious to shelter the navies of the proudest maritime nations. - "The Bible in Spain" by George Borrow