How Do You Spell FLAILED?

Correct spelling for the English word "flailed" is [flˈe͡ɪld], [flˈe‍ɪld], [f_l_ˈeɪ_l_d]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for FLAILED

Below is the list of 96 misspellings for the word "flailed".

Similar spelling words for FLAILED

Anagrams of FLAILED

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5 letters

Usage Examples for FLAILED

  1. In falling, the man's hands flailed wildly. - "Death Points a Finger" by Will Levinrew
  2. Long fire- tongues, banners of incandescence, flailed away, roaring into space. - "The Flying Legion" by George Allan England

Conjugate verb Flailed


I would flail
we would flail
you would flail
he/she/it would flail
they would flail


I will flail
we will flail
you will flail
he/she/it will flail
they will flail


I will have flailed
we will have flailed
you will have flailed
he/she/it will have flailed
they will have flailed


I flailed
we flailed
you flailed
he/she/it flailed
they flailed


I had flailed
we had flailed
you had flailed
he/she/it had flailed
they had flailed


I flail
we flail
you flail
he/she/it flails
they flail


I have flailed
we have flailed
you have flailed
he/she/it has flailed
they have flailed
I am flailing
we are flailing
you are flailing
he/she/it is flailing
they are flailing
I was flailing
we were flailing
you were flailing
he/she/it was flailing
they were flailing
I will be flailing
we will be flailing
you will be flailing
he/she/it will be flailing
they will be flailing
I have been flailing
we have been flailing
you have been flailing
he/she/it has been flailing
they have been flailing
I had been flailing
we had been flailing
you had been flailing
he/she/it had been flailing
they had been flailing
I will have been flailing
we will have been flailing
you will have been flailing
he/she/it will have been flailing
they will have been flailing
I would have flailed
we would have flailed
you would have flailed
he/she/it would have flailed
they would have flailed
I would be flailing
we would be flailing
you would be flailing
he/she/it would be flailing
they would be flailing
I would have been flailing
we would have been flailing
you would have been flailing
he/she/it would have been flailing
they would have been flailing