How Do You Spell FLIRTS?

Correct spelling for the English word "flirts" is [flˈɜːts], [flˈɜːts], [f_l_ˈɜː_t_s]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for FLIRTS

Below is the list of 112 misspellings for the word "flirts".

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Anagrams of FLIRTS

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Usage Examples for FLIRTS

  1. I always considered that there were three classes of women- one, that would marry a blackfellow if he had money; another, that were shameless flirts, and who amuse themselves by flirting and disgracing the name of woman; and a third class that were pure and true, on whom a man could stake his life and whom he could worship. - "My Brilliant Career" by Miles Franklin
  2. But it is a recognised canon of strawberry- week ethics that everybody flirts furiously. - "A Daughter of the Vine" by Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton

Conjugate verb Flirts


I would flirt
we would flirt
you would flirt
he/she/it would flirt
they would flirt


I will flirt
we will flirt
you will flirt
he/she/it will flirt
they will flirt


I will have flirted
we will have flirted
you will have flirted
he/she/it will have flirted
they will have flirted


I flirted
we flirted
you flirted
he/she/it flirted
they flirted


I had flirted
we had flirted
you had flirted
he/she/it had flirted
they had flirted


I flirt
we flirt
you flirt
he/she/it flirts
they flirt


I have flirted
we have flirted
you have flirted
he/she/it has flirted
they have flirted
I am flirting
we are flirting
you are flirting
he/she/it is flirting
they are flirting
I was flirting
we were flirting
you were flirting
he/she/it was flirting
they were flirting
I will be flirting
we will be flirting
you will be flirting
he/she/it will be flirting
they will be flirting
I have been flirting
we have been flirting
you have been flirting
he/she/it has been flirting
they have been flirting
I had been flirting
we had been flirting
you had been flirting
he/she/it had been flirting
they had been flirting
I will have been flirting
we will have been flirting
you will have been flirting
he/she/it will have been flirting
they will have been flirting
I would have flirted
we would have flirted
you would have flirted
he/she/it would have flirted
they would have flirted
I would be flirting
we would be flirting
you would be flirting
he/she/it would be flirting
they would be flirting
I would have been flirting
we would have been flirting
you would have been flirting
he/she/it would have been flirting
they would have been flirting