How Do You Spell FOCUSED?

Correct spelling for the English word "focused" is [fˈə͡ʊkəsd], [fˈə‍ʊkəsd], [f_ˈəʊ_k_ə_s_d] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Similar spelling words for FOCUSED

82 words made out of letters FOCUSED

3 letters

  • ufo,
  • suf,
  • sec,
  • duo,
  • foe,
  • ecf,
  • edo,
  • dec,
  • sou,
  • doc,
  • des,
  • cud,
  • doe,
  • cue,
  • ceo,
  • dos,
  • cos,
  • ode,
  • due,
  • sue,
  • oed,
  • fed,
  • sod,
  • fes,
  • scd,
  • use,
  • eos.

4 letters

  • suco,
  • coue,
  • dose,
  • duse,
  • duco,
  • docf,
  • feud,
  • foes,
  • fudo,
  • scud,
  • oseu,
  • fode,
  • coud,
  • defu,
  • eous,
  • ofce,
  • fuso,
  • foud,
  • used,
  • fuse,
  • duoc,
  • oude,
  • duce,
  • sefo,
  • oeuf,
  • souf,
  • udos,
  • eudo,
  • edfu,
  • code,
  • sude,
  • fcdu,
  • suef,
  • duos.

5 letters

  • couse,
  • dofus,
  • coues,
  • ofuse,
  • feods,
  • fusco,
  • cosed,
  • ducos,
  • decou,
  • seoud,
  • souef,
  • doucs,
  • fouse,
  • eufod,
  • coeus,
  • fouds,
  • useco,
  • desco,
  • oecus,
  • fedco,
  • scode.

Conjugate verb Focused


I would focus
we would focus
you would focus
he/she/it would focus
they would focus


I will focus
we will focus
you will focus
he/she/it will focus
they will focus


I will have focused
we will have focused
you will have focused
he/she/it will have focused
they will have focused


I focused
we focused
you focused
he/she/it focused
they focused


I had focused
we had focused
you had focused
he/she/it had focused
they had focused


I focus
we focus
you focus
he/she/it focusses, focuses
they focus


I have focused
we have focused
you have focused
he/she/it has focused
they have focused
I am focusing
we are focusing
you are focusing
he/she/it is focusing
they are focusing
I was focusing
we were focusing
you were focusing
he/she/it was focusing
they were focusing
I will be focusing
we will be focusing
you will be focusing
he/she/it will be focusing
they will be focusing
I have been focusing
we have been focusing
you have been focusing
he/she/it has been focusing
they have been focusing
I had been focusing
we had been focusing
you had been focusing
he/she/it had been focusing
they had been focusing
I will have been focusing
we will have been focusing
you will have been focusing
he/she/it will have been focusing
they will have been focusing
I would have focused
we would have focused
you would have focused
he/she/it would have focused
they would have focused
I would be focusing
we would be focusing
you would be focusing
he/she/it would be focusing
they would be focusing
I would have been focusing
we would have been focusing
you would have been focusing
he/she/it would have been focusing
they would have been focusing


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