How Do You Spell FOE?

Correct spelling for the English word "foe" is [f_ˈəʊ], [fˈə͡ʊ], [fˈə‍ʊ]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Similar spelling words for FOE

Plural form of FOE is FOES

Anagrams of FOE

2 letters

  • fe,
  • fo,
  • of.

Usage Examples for FOE

  1. One swift glance behind, showed him that his foe was coming at full speed. - "Dusty Star" by Olaf Baker
  2. Every man was first a Frenchman in the face of a foreign foe, and if they could have stood firmly together in those first days after the war the strength of the country would have been wonderful. - "My First Years As A Frenchwoman, 1876-1879" by Mary King Waddington
  3. The Ute peered carefully over the ridge, and Sun Bird smiled as he realized that for the moment he held his foe completely at his mercy. - "White Otter" by Elmer Russell Gregor
  4. Her tone lifted me; I glanced at her, and what shone from her eyes set me on my feet, face to the foe. - "The Plum Tree" by David Graham Phillips
  5. Examine the ground closely; we know we are in the neighbourhood of the foe. - "The Rival Heirs being the Third and Last Chronicle of Aescendune" by A. D. Crake

What does foe stand for?

Abbreviation FOE means:

  1. Friend Of Eggers
  2. Friends Of Elite