How Do You Spell FOLDS?

Correct spelling for the English word "folds" is [f_ˈəʊ_l_d_z], [fˈə͡ʊldz], [fˈə‍ʊldz]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for FOLDS

Below is the list of 109 misspellings for the word "folds".

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Anagrams of FOLDS

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Usage Examples for FOLDS

  1. With this packet the thief glided from the room, and stopping outside but a single instant to place it inside the folds of his own turban, he walked briskly away. - "Tales of the Caliph" by H. N. Crellin
  2. The outer part of the strange bird- trap rose from the waters of the lake in a series of circular arches, formed of elastic branches bent to the needed shape, and covered with folds of fine network, making the roof. - "The Two Destinies" by Wilkie Collins

Conjugate verb Folds


I would fold
we would fold
you would fold
he/she/it would fold
they would fold


I will fold
we will fold
you will fold
he/she/it will fold
they will fold


I will have folded
we will have folded
you will have folded
he/she/it will have folded
they will have folded


I folded
we folded
you folded
he/she/it folded
they folded


I had folded
we had folded
you had folded
he/she/it had folded
they had folded


I fold
we fold
you fold
he/she/it folds
they fold


I have folded
we have folded
you have folded
he/she/it has folded
they have folded
I am folding
we are folding
you are folding
he/she/it is folding
they are folding
I was folding
we were folding
you were folding
he/she/it was folding
they were folding
I will be folding
we will be folding
you will be folding
he/she/it will be folding
they will be folding
I have been folding
we have been folding
you have been folding
he/she/it has been folding
they have been folding
I had been folding
we had been folding
you had been folding
he/she/it had been folding
they had been folding
I will have been folding
we will have been folding
you will have been folding
he/she/it will have been folding
they will have been folding
I would have folded
we would have folded
you would have folded
he/she/it would have folded
they would have folded
I would be folding
we would be folding
you would be folding
he/she/it would be folding
they would be folding
I would have been folding
we would have been folding
you would have been folding
he/she/it would have been folding
they would have been folding