How Do You Spell FOOTRULE?

The word "footrule" is spelled as /ˈfʊtruːl/. The first syllable "foot" is pronounced as /fʊt/ and refers to the unit of length measuring 12 inches. The second syllable "rule" is pronounced as /ruːl/ and refers to a straight-edge tool used for measuring or drawing lines. Combined, "footrule" means a measuring instrument typically 12 inches in length, often used in carpentry or design projects. Proper spelling of this word is essential to ensure accurate measurements and communication within technical fields.

Common Misspellings for FOOTRULE

  • foot rul
  • foot rule
  • dootrule
  • cootrule
  • vootrule
  • gootrule
  • tootrule
  • rootrule
  • fiotrule
  • fkotrule
  • flotrule
  • fpotrule
  • f0otrule
  • f9otrule
  • foitrule
  • foktrule
  • foltrule
  • foptrule
  • fo0trule
  • fo9trule

Plural form of FOOTRULE is FOOTRULES

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