How Do You Spell FORDING?

Correct spelling for the English word "fording" is [fˈɔːdɪŋ], [fˈɔːdɪŋ], [f_ˈɔː_d_ɪ_ŋ] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Similar spelling words for FORDING

Plural form of FORDING is FORDINGS

100 words made out of letters FORDING

3 letters

  • rig,
  • rod,
  • rio,
  • igd,
  • don,
  • fog,
  • gin,
  • ion,
  • fig,
  • rid,
  • ron,
  • fri,
  • fir,
  • fin,
  • ido,
  • dig,
  • dog,
  • din,
  • frg,
  • iod,
  • fdr,
  • for,
  • nod,
  • nog,
  • ngf,
  • god,
  • nig.

4 letters

  • nodi,
  • giro,
  • frog,
  • fond,
  • frio,
  • ogin,
  • rind,
  • nido,
  • noir,
  • roig,
  • rigo,
  • ring,
  • dron,
  • indo,
  • gird,
  • foni,
  • iong,
  • dior,
  • ofid,
  • grof,
  • fing,
  • info,
  • gnod,
  • doin,
  • fong,
  • ding,
  • nori,
  • idog,
  • find,
  • ngoi,
  • gorn,
  • grid,
  • ford,
  • dong,
  • rogi,
  • dogi,
  • igno,
  • igon,
  • goif,
  • fron,
  • gond,
  • grin,
  • gion,
  • odin,
  • rido,
  • iron,
  • rdio.

5 letters

  • firon,
  • foind,
  • dirgo,
  • oring,
  • dogri,
  • iford,
  • dorin,
  • indro,
  • digor,
  • gorni,
  • rigon,
  • fondi,
  • froid,
  • girod,
  • drigo,
  • giron,
  • rofin,
  • forin,
  • frogn,
  • ogrin,
  • oding,
  • rogin,
  • forni,
  • grido,
  • frigo,
  • foing.

Conjugate verb Fording


I would ford
we would ford
you would ford
he/she/it would ford
they would ford


I will ford
we will ford
you will ford
he/she/it will ford
they will ford


I will have forded
we will have forded
you will have forded
he/she/it will have forded
they will have forded


I forded
we forded
you forded
he/she/it forded
they forded


I had forded
we had forded
you had forded
he/she/it had forded
they had forded


I ford
we ford
you ford
he/she/it fords
they ford


I have forded
we have forded
you have forded
he/she/it has forded
they have forded
I am fording
we are fording
you are fording
he/she/it is fording
they are fording
I was fording
we were fording
you were fording
he/she/it was fording
they were fording
I will be fording
we will be fording
you will be fording
he/she/it will be fording
they will be fording
I have been fording
we have been fording
you have been fording
he/she/it has been fording
they have been fording
I had been fording
we had been fording
you had been fording
he/she/it had been fording
they had been fording
I will have been fording
we will have been fording
you will have been fording
he/she/it will have been fording
they will have been fording
I would have forded
we would have forded
you would have forded
he/she/it would have forded
they would have forded
I would be fording
we would be fording
you would be fording
he/she/it would be fording
they would be fording
I would have been fording
we would have been fording
you would have been fording
he/she/it would have been fording
they would have been fording


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