How Do You Spell FOSTERS?

The word "fosters" is spelled with nine characters and is pronounced as /ˈfɑːstərz/. The first syllable starts with the letter "f" and has a long "o" sound, represented by the phonetic symbol /ɑː/. The second syllable contains the letter "s" and has a schwa /ə/ sound. The final syllable also has an "er" sound represented by /ərz/. "Fosters" can be both a noun and verb, meaning to take care of or promote the development of something or someone.

Common Misspellings for FOSTERS

Similar spelling words for FOSTERS

24 words made out of letters FOSTERS

Conjugate verb Fosters


I would foster
we would foster
you would foster
he/she/it would foster
they would foster


I will foster
we will foster
you will foster
he/she/it will foster
they will foster


I will have fostered
we will have fostered
you will have fostered
he/she/it will have fostered
they will have fostered


I fostered
we fostered
you fostered
he/she/it fostered
they fostered


I had fostered
we had fostered
you had fostered
he/she/it had fostered
they had fostered


I foster
we foster
you foster
he/she/it fosters
they foster


I have fostered
we have fostered
you have fostered
he/she/it has fostered
they have fostered
I am fostering
we are fostering
you are fostering
he/she/it is fostering
they are fostering
I was fostering
we were fostering
you were fostering
he/she/it was fostering
they were fostering
I will be fostering
we will be fostering
you will be fostering
he/she/it will be fostering
they will be fostering
I have been fostering
we have been fostering
you have been fostering
he/she/it has been fostering
they have been fostering
I had been fostering
we had been fostering
you had been fostering
he/she/it had been fostering
they had been fostering
I will have been fostering
we will have been fostering
you will have been fostering
he/she/it will have been fostering
they will have been fostering
I would have fostered
we would have fostered
you would have fostered
he/she/it would have fostered
they would have fostered
I would be fostering
we would be fostering
you would be fostering
he/she/it would be fostering
they would be fostering
I would have been fostering
we would have been fostering
you would have been fostering
he/she/it would have been fostering
they would have been fostering


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