How Do You Spell FRETS?

Correct spelling for the English word "frets" is [fɹˈɛts], [fɹˈɛts], [f_ɹ_ˈɛ_t_s]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for FRETS

Below is the list of 166 misspellings for the word "frets".

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Anagrams of FRETS

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Usage Examples for FRETS

  1. These he seemed to be tuning to match the notes in the new scale he had created by moving the frets. - "The Moghul" by Thomas Hoover
  2. Then the housekeeper must go to some unoccupied room and strip the bed and use the linen for making up the bed in the sample- room, while the guest walks the floor and frets over the delay. - "Guide to Hotel Housekeeping" by Mary E. Palmer

Conjugate verb Frets


I would fret
we would fret
you would fret
he/she/it would fret
they would fret


I will fret
we will fret
you will fret
he/she/it will fret
they will fret


I will have fretted
we will have fretted
you will have fretted
he/she/it will have fretted
they will have fretted


I fretted
we fretted
you fretted
he/she/it fretted
they fretted


I had fretted
we had fretted
you had fretted
he/she/it had fretted
they had fretted


I fret
we fret
you fret
he/she/it frets
they fret


I have fretted
we have fretted
you have fretted
he/she/it has fretted
they have fretted
I am fretting
we are fretting
you are fretting
he/she/it is fretting
they are fretting
I was fretting
we were fretting
you were fretting
he/she/it was fretting
they were fretting
I will be fretting
we will be fretting
you will be fretting
he/she/it will be fretting
they will be fretting
I have been fretting
we have been fretting
you have been fretting
he/she/it has been fretting
they have been fretting
I had been fretting
we had been fretting
you had been fretting
he/she/it had been fretting
they had been fretting
I will have been fretting
we will have been fretting
you will have been fretting
he/she/it will have been fretting
they will have been fretting
I would have fretted
we would have fretted
you would have fretted
he/she/it would have fretted
they would have fretted
I would be fretting
we would be fretting
you would be fretting
he/she/it would be fretting
they would be fretting
I would have been fretting
we would have been fretting
you would have been fretting
he/she/it would have been fretting
they would have been fretting