How Do You Spell FUSED?

Correct spelling for the English word "fused" is [fjˈuːzd], [fjˈuːzd], [f_j_ˈuː_z_d]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for FUSED

Below is the list of 358 misspellings for the word "fused".

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Definition of FUSED

  1. Melted.

Anagrams of FUSED

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Usage Examples for FUSED

  1. Belle's mind, however, was already fused with Garlock's. - "The Galaxy Primes" by Edward Elmer Smith
  2. During the general excitement which fused these closely packed bodies into one, his hand had seized the hand that touched him. - "Pierre and Luce" by Romain Rolland
  3. He touched it, fused for a blinding second, and bounced away. - "Suite Mentale" by Gordon Randall Garrett
  4. Under their boots, man- made and yet dominating the wildness of jungle and mountain, was a platform of rock slabs, fused to support a palace of towering yellow- white walls and curved cups of domes, a palace which was also half fortress, half frontier post. - "Voodoo Planet" by Andrew North
  5. He demands that his opponent abandon argument by analogy and advance some positive reason why algebra and geometry should not be fused. - "The Teaching of Geometry" by David Eugene Smith

Conjugate verb Fused


I would fuse
we would fuse
you would fuse
he/she/it would fuse
they would fuse


I will fuse
we will fuse
you will fuse
he/she/it will fuse
they will fuse


I will have fused
we will have fused
you will have fused
he/she/it will have fused
they will have fused


I fused
we fused
you fused
he/she/it fused
they fused


I had fused
we had fused
you had fused
he/she/it had fused
they had fused


I fuse
we fuse
you fuse
he/she/it fuses
they fuse


I have fused
we have fused
you have fused
he/she/it has fused
they have fused
I am fusing
we are fusing
you are fusing
he/she/it is fusing
they are fusing
I was fusing
we were fusing
you were fusing
he/she/it was fusing
they were fusing
I will be fusing
we will be fusing
you will be fusing
he/she/it will be fusing
they will be fusing
I have been fusing
we have been fusing
you have been fusing
he/she/it has been fusing
they have been fusing
I had been fusing
we had been fusing
you had been fusing
he/she/it had been fusing
they had been fusing
I will have been fusing
we will have been fusing
you will have been fusing
he/she/it will have been fusing
they will have been fusing
I would have fused
we would have fused
you would have fused
he/she/it would have fused
they would have fused
I would be fusing
we would be fusing
you would be fusing
he/she/it would be fusing
they would be fusing
I would have been fusing
we would have been fusing
you would have been fusing
he/she/it would have been fusing
they would have been fusing