How Do You Spell GABBER?

Pronunciation: [ɡˈabə] (IPA)

Gabber is a slang term used to describe a subgenre of electronic dance music. The word "Gabber" is spelled with a double-b, which signifies that the stress falls on the first syllable. In IPA phonetic transcription, the word is spelled ɡæbər. The "G" is pronounced as a voiced velar stop, the "A" is pronounced as a short vowel, and the "B's" are pronounced as voiced bilabial plosives. The last syllable is pronounced with a schwa sound.

GABBER Meaning and Definition

  1. Gabber is a term primarily used in the context of electronic music and subcultures to refer to a particular style of fast and aggressive hardcore techno that emerged in the Netherlands during the early 1990s. The word 'gabber' itself has its roots in Dutch slang, where it originally referred to a friend or mate, but it later became associated with the Gabber subculture and the corresponding music style.

    Musically, gabber is characterized by its high tempo, typically ranging from 150 to 200 beats per minute, and its emphasis on distorted and overdriven basslines and drum patterns. The sound is often accompanied by relentless and repetitive synth riffs, aggressive vocal samples, and intense drum rolls. Gabber music's driving force is its relentless energy, aimed at inciting crowd participation and high energy dancing.

    Beyond its musical style, 'gabber' also describes a subculture and a lifestyle associated with this music. Gabber subculture is characterized by its distinct fashion style, featuring loose tracksuits, bomber jackets, shaved heads, and distinctive sneakers. The subculture is also known for its strong emphasis on unity, with its members often forming tight-knit communities and attending large-scale events like raves and festivals.

    In summary, 'gabber' refers to a style of fast and aggressive hardcore techno music that emerged in the Netherlands during the early 1990s. It encompasses a subculture characterized by its distinctive fashion, unity, and the energy-driven nature of its music.

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Etymology of GABBER

The word "Gabber" originated in the Netherlands and is associated with a specific subgenre of electronic dance music (EDM) known as gabber or hardcore techno. The etymology of the word can be traced back to the Dutch term "gabberhouse", which combines the words "gabber" (meaning pal, mate, or friend) and "house" (referring to the broader genre of house music).

In the late 1980s, a group of DJs and producers in Rotterdam, Netherlands, started experimenting with a faster and harder style of electronic music, characterized by its pounding beats, aggressive rhythms, and distorted sounds. This style of music gained popularity in the local underground scene, and its audience began referring to themselves as "gabbers" or "gabberheads", using the term "gabber" derived from the Dutch slang.

Plural form of GABBER is GABBERS


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