How Do You Spell GABBY?

Pronunciation: [ɡˈabi] (IPA)

The word "gabby" is spelled with two "b"s in the middle, as opposed to "gaby," which has only one. This is because the stressed vowel sound in "gabby" is a short "a" sound, as in the word "cat," which requires the following consonant to be doubled for proper pronunciation. The phonetic transcription for "gabby" is /ˈɡæbi/. This word describes someone who talks excessively or is unusually talkative.

GABBY Meaning and Definition

  1. Gabby is an adjective used to describe someone who talks excessively or likes to engage in conversation, often characterized by being talkative, chatty, or loquacious. This term is often applied to individuals who have a tendency to speak at length or engage in prolonged conversations, sometimes without giving others the opportunity to participate or share their own thoughts.

    A person who is gabby typically enjoys talking and may have a strong inclination towards storytelling or sharing anecdotes. They may exhibit a high level of enthusiasm when engaging in conversations, often filling the air with their words. Their speech may be filled with information, personal experiences, opinions, or simply trivial details.

    The term "gabby" can also be used to describe someone who is prone to gossiping or spreading rumors. In this context, it refers to someone who is excessively talkative and tends to share information, often without verifying its accuracy or considering possible consequences.

    Overall, the term "gabby" conveys the idea of someone who talks a lot or enjoys conversations perhaps to an extent that can be seen as excessive or intrusive.

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Etymology of GABBY

The word "gabby" has its origins in the Middle English word "gabben", which means to talk or chatter. This Middle English term is derived from the Old Norse word "gabb", meaning mocking or jesting. Over time, "gabben" evolved into "gab" in the late 16th century, which means to talk excessively or in a garrulous manner. From "gab", the word "gabby" emerged in the early 17th century, describing someone who is inclined to talk too much or speak in a loquacious manner.

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