How Do You Spell GADS?

Pronunciation: [ɡˈadz] (IPA)

The word "GADS" is spelled with a 'g' sound at the beginning and a 'd' sound at the end because it is derived from the Old Norse word "gaddr" (meaning a spike or pointed object), which was pronounced with these sounds. In IPA phonetic transcription, "GADS" would be written as /ɡædz/, with the symbol '/' indicating each sound segment. This spelling accurately reflects the pronunciation of the word, and can help English learners understand its origin and meaning.

GADS Meaning and Definition

  1. GADS is a colloquial term and an alternative slang expression for the verb "to guess" or the noun "guess." It is primarily used in informal and casual conversations, often among younger individuals or in social media platforms.

    As a verb, gads refers to the act of attempting to estimate or suppose something without having complete or definitive information. It denotes making an educated or speculative judgement or prediction based on limited evidence or intuition. For instance, one might say, "I can't be sure of the exact time she arrived, but I'll gads it was around 8 o'clock."

    As a noun, gads indicates a conjecture made without concrete evidence or a definitive answer. It suggests an estimation or assumption based on incomplete knowledge. For example, if someone asks about the upcoming weather forecast and the response is uncertain, someone might say, "I don't know for sure, but my gads is that it will be sunny and warm."

    The term "gads" is a non-standard variation of the word "guess" and is likely to be encountered in informal or regional dialects. Its usage is often playful and lighthearted, emphasizing the informal nature of the conversation.

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Similar spelling words for GADS

Conjugate verb Gads


I would gad
we would gad
you would gad
he/she/it would gad
they would gad


I will gad
we will gad
you will gad
he/she/it will gad
they will gad


I will have gadded
we will have gadded
you will have gadded
he/she/it will have gadded
they will have gadded


I gadded
we gadded
you gadded
he/she/it gadded
they gadded


I had gadded
we had gadded
you had gadded
he/she/it had gadded
they had gadded


I gad
we gad
you gad
he/she/it gads
they gad


I have gadded
we have gadded
you have gadded
he/she/it has gadded
they have gadded
I am gadding
we are gadding
you are gadding
he/she/it is gadding
they are gadding
I was gadding
we were gadding
you were gadding
he/she/it was gadding
they were gadding
I will be gadding
we will be gadding
you will be gadding
he/she/it will be gadding
they will be gadding
I have been gadding
we have been gadding
you have been gadding
he/she/it has been gadding
they have been gadding
I had been gadding
we had been gadding
you had been gadding
he/she/it had been gadding
they had been gadding
I will have been gadding
we will have been gadding
you will have been gadding
he/she/it will have been gadding
they will have been gadding
I would have gadded
we would have gadded
you would have gadded
he/she/it would have gadded
they would have gadded
I would be gadding
we would be gadding
you would be gadding
he/she/it would be gadding
they would be gadding
I would have been gadding
we would have been gadding
you would have been gadding
he/she/it would have been gadding
they would have been gadding


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