How Do You Spell GADS?

Correct spelling for the English word "GADS" is [ɡ_ˈa_d_z], [ɡˈadz], [ɡˈadz]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for GADS

Below is the list of 174 misspellings for the word "gads".

Similar spelling words for GADS

Anagrams of GADS

4 letters

  • gads.

3 letters

2 letters

Usage Examples for GADS

  1. Gads my life, if I thought it were so, I would this moment renounce all communication with you. - "The Double-Dealer" by William Congreve
  2. Gads- bud, would that were matter of fact too. - "The Double-Dealer" by William Congreve

What does GADS stand for?

Abbreviation GADS means:

  1. Gymnastics Art Dance Swim
  2. Genetic Algorithm and Direct Search

Conjugate verb Gads


I would gad
we would gad
you would gad
he/she/it would gad
they would gad


I will gad
we will gad
you will gad
he/she/it will gad
they will gad


I will have gadded
we will have gadded
you will have gadded
he/she/it will have gadded
they will have gadded


I gadded
we gadded
you gadded
he/she/it gadded
they gadded


I had gadded
we had gadded
you had gadded
he/she/it had gadded
they had gadded


I gad
we gad
you gad
he/she/it gads
they gad


I have gadded
we have gadded
you have gadded
he/she/it has gadded
they have gadded
I am gadding
we are gadding
you are gadding
he/she/it is gadding
they are gadding
I was gadding
we were gadding
you were gadding
he/she/it was gadding
they were gadding
I will be gadding
we will be gadding
you will be gadding
he/she/it will be gadding
they will be gadding
I have been gadding
we have been gadding
you have been gadding
he/she/it has been gadding
they have been gadding
I had been gadding
we had been gadding
you had been gadding
he/she/it had been gadding
they had been gadding
I will have been gadding
we will have been gadding
you will have been gadding
he/she/it will have been gadding
they will have been gadding
I would have gadded
we would have gadded
you would have gadded
he/she/it would have gadded
they would have gadded
I would be gadding
we would be gadding
you would be gadding
he/she/it would be gadding
they would be gadding
I would have been gadding
we would have been gadding
you would have been gadding
he/she/it would have been gadding
they would have been gadding