How Do You Spell GAGING?

Correct spelling for the English word "Gaging" is [ɡ_ˈeɪ_dʒ_ɪ_ŋ], [ɡˈe͡ɪd͡ʒɪŋ], [ɡˈe‍ɪd‍ʒɪŋ]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Plural form of GAGING is GAGINGS

Anagrams of GAGING

6 letters

  • gaging.

5 letters

4 letters

Common Misspellings for GAGING

Below is the list of 97 misspellings for the word "gaging".

  • gaginy
  • gaginyg
  • yaging
  • gaginmg
  • gagingf
  • tgaging
  • gvaging
  • gaginjg
  • gagingy
  • gagking
  • gagjing
  • gag8ing
  • gagng
  • gagintg
  • gagayeng
  • gaigng
  • ghaging
  • gagibng
  • ygaging
  • Gagifg
  • gaginng
  • gagikng
  • hgaging
  • ggaing
  • gbaging
  • Gagiog
  • gagkng
  • gagimng
  • gagibg
  • gaginb
  • gaginfg
  • Gaginc
  • g aging
  • gzging
  • gwaging
  • gaginbg
  • Gagang
  • gagihng
  • Gaghng
  • gagingg
  • Gagine
  • Gagilg
  • gagijg
  • gwging
  • gagingt
  • gagong
  • Gagmng
  • gsaging
  • gagingv
  • gzaging
  • gagingb
  • ga ging
  • gahing
  • gagiong
  • gagig
  • vgaging
  • gagnig
  • gagign
  • gaginhg
  • gagint
  • gaqging
  • Gagyng
  • gqaging
  • gaginv
  • Gcging
  • gqging
  • gageyeng
  • Gagino
  • gfaging
  • gagung
  • gagi8ng
  • gagiung
  • gagjng
  • gagi9ng
  • gag8ng
  • gag9ing
  • gagin g
  • gagihg
  • gagimg
  • Gaginw
  • Gagi.g
  • gaginf
  • gagingh
  • gasging
  • gagiing
  • gsging
  • gag9ng
  • gagijng
  • gyaging
  • gaaging
  • gtaging
  • gag ing
  • gaginvg
  • gazging
  • gagi ng
  • gaginh
  • gabing

Similar spelling words for GAGING

Usage Examples for GAGING

  1. The major eyed his victim with calculating coolness, gaging just how much more of the baiting he would stand. - "Andrew the Glad" by Maria Thompson Daviess
  2. Here in America we have discovered by more than a century of experience that democracy levels up and not down; and that it is not jealous of a commanding personality even in public life, revealing a swift shrewdness of its own in gaging character, and showing both respect and regard for the independent leaders strong enough to withstand what may seem at the moment to be the popular will. - "Inquiries and Opinions" by Brander Matthews

Conjugate verb Gaging


I would gage
we would gage
you would gage
he/she/it would gage
they would gage


I will gage
we will gage
you will gage
he/she/it will gage
they will gage


I will have gaged
we will have gaged
you will have gaged
he/she/it will have gaged
they will have gaged


I gaged
we gaged
you gaged
he/she/it gaged
they gaged


I had gaged
we had gaged
you had gaged
he/she/it had gaged
they had gaged


I gage
we gage
you gage
he/she/it gages
they gage


I have gaged
we have gaged
you have gaged
he/she/it has gaged
they have gaged
I am gaging
we are gaging
you are gaging
he/she/it is gaging
they are gaging
I was gaging
we were gaging
you were gaging
he/she/it was gaging
they were gaging
I will be gaging
we will be gaging
you will be gaging
he/she/it will be gaging
they will be gaging
I have been gaging
we have been gaging
you have been gaging
he/she/it has been gaging
they have been gaging
I had been gaging
we had been gaging
you had been gaging
he/she/it had been gaging
they had been gaging
I will have been gaging
we will have been gaging
you will have been gaging
he/she/it will have been gaging
they will have been gaging
I would have gaged
we would have gaged
you would have gaged
he/she/it would have gaged
they would have gaged
I would be gaging
we would be gaging
you would be gaging
he/she/it would be gaging
they would be gaging
I would have been gaging
we would have been gaging
you would have been gaging
he/she/it would have been gaging
they would have been gaging