How Do You Spell GAINING?

Pronunciation: [ɡˈe͡ɪnɪŋ] (IPA)

Gaining is spelled exactly as it sounds, with two syllables: /ˈɡeɪnɪŋ/. The first syllable is pronounced like the word "gay" but with an "n" sound at the end, while the second syllable is pronounced like the word "ing" with a long "ai" sound at the beginning. The word gaining means to make progress or acquire something, and is commonly used in the context of achieving goals or obtaining new skills.

GAINING Meaning and Definition

  1. Gaining is a verb that refers to the act of acquiring or achieving something over time, typically in terms of knowledge, experience, or skills. It involves the process of obtaining something that was previously unavailable or enhancing one's current abilities or possessions. The concept of gaining often suggests progress, improvement, or growth in a particular area.

    In the context of knowledge or education, gaining can refer to acquiring information or understanding about a particular subject or topic. It involves actively seeking out and absorbing new information, which can be obtained through various means such as reading, studying, attending classes, or engaging in hands-on experiences. Gaining knowledge is often associated with personal development and can contribute to an individual's overall intellectual growth.

    Gaining can also be used to describe the acquisition of skills or experience in a particular field. It involves honing one's abilities through practice, training, and exposure to real-world situations. This process allows individuals to become proficient in a certain activity or profession, enabling them to excel and achieve success in their chosen endeavors.

    Overall, gaining implies a gradual process of obtaining or attaining something valuable, whether it be knowledge, skills, experience, or personal growth. It highlights the importance of continuous learning, improvement, and development in various aspects of life.

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Etymology of GAINING

The word "gaining" is derived from the Middle English term "gainen", which originated from the Old Norse word "gigna". In Old Norse, "gigna" meant "to win, acquire, or reach". Over time, this word was incorporated into the English language with the same meaning, referring to the act of obtaining or acquiring something.

Similar spelling words for GAINING

Plural form of GAINING is GAININGS

Conjugate verb Gaining


I would gain
we would gain
you would gain
he/she/it would gain
they would gain


I will gain
we will gain
you will gain
he/she/it will gain
they will gain


I will have gained
we will have gained
you will have gained
he/she/it will have gained
they will have gained


I gained
we gained
you gained
he/she/it gained
they gained


I had gained
we had gained
you had gained
he/she/it had gained
they had gained


I gain
we gain
you gain
he/she/it gains
they gain


I have gained
we have gained
you have gained
he/she/it has gained
they have gained
I am gaining
we are gaining
you are gaining
he/she/it is gaining
they are gaining
I was gaining
we were gaining
you were gaining
he/she/it was gaining
they were gaining
I will be gaining
we will be gaining
you will be gaining
he/she/it will be gaining
they will be gaining
I have been gaining
we have been gaining
you have been gaining
he/she/it has been gaining
they have been gaining
I had been gaining
we had been gaining
you had been gaining
he/she/it had been gaining
they had been gaining
I will have been gaining
we will have been gaining
you will have been gaining
he/she/it will have been gaining
they will have been gaining
I would have gained
we would have gained
you would have gained
he/she/it would have gained
they would have gained
I would be gaining
we would be gaining
you would be gaining
he/she/it would be gaining
they would be gaining
I would have been gaining
we would have been gaining
you would have been gaining
he/she/it would have been gaining
they would have been gaining


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