How Do You Spell GARI?

The word "gari" is a widely used term in West Africa, particularly in Nigeria, Ghana, and Togo. It refers to a popular food made from cassava tubers that are grated, pressed, and fermented. The spelling of "gari" is quite straightforward, with the phonetic transcription being /ˈɡæri/ (GAR-ee). The beginning "g" is pronounced as in "go," and the vowel sound is like "a" in "cat." The "r" is soft and barely audible, and the final "i" is pronounced as "ee." Knowing the correct spelling of "gari" is important for those who wish to communicate effectively about this beloved staple.

Common Misspellings for GARI

  • gyari
  • gar8i
  • gari8
  • grai
  • ggari
  • gaari
  • garri
  • garii
  • wari
  • oari
  • gcri
  • ga2i
  • gazi
  • gavi
  • gapi
  • gasi
  • gareye
  • g ari
  • ga ri
  • gar i

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