How Do You Spell GASPED?

Correct spelling for the English word "Gasped" is [ɡ_ˈa_s_p_t], [ɡˈaspt], [ɡˈaspt]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for GASPED

Below is the list of 72 misspellings for the word "gasped".

Similar spelling words for GASPED

Definition of GASPED

  1. of Gasp

Anagrams of GASPED

6 letters

  • gasped.

5 letters

4 letters

Usage Examples for GASPED

  1. Dorn gasped, and broke the spell on him. - "The Desert of Wheat" by Zane Grey
  2. He looked up and gasped aloud in sudden terror. - "Jane Cable" by George Barr McCutcheon

Conjugate verb Gasped


I would gasp
we would gasp
you would gasp
he/she/it would gasp
they would gasp


I will gasp
we will gasp
you will gasp
he/she/it will gasp
they will gasp


I will have gasped
we will have gasped
you will have gasped
he/she/it will have gasped
they will have gasped


I gasped
we gasped
you gasped
he/she/it gasped
they gasped


I had gasped
we had gasped
you had gasped
he/she/it had gasped
they had gasped


I gasp
we gasp
you gasp
he/she/it gasps
they gasp


I have gasped
we have gasped
you have gasped
he/she/it has gasped
they have gasped
I am gasping
we are gasping
you are gasping
he/she/it is gasping
they are gasping
I was gasping
we were gasping
you were gasping
he/she/it was gasping
they were gasping
I will be gasping
we will be gasping
you will be gasping
he/she/it will be gasping
they will be gasping
I have been gasping
we have been gasping
you have been gasping
he/she/it has been gasping
they have been gasping
I had been gasping
we had been gasping
you had been gasping
he/she/it had been gasping
they had been gasping
I will have been gasping
we will have been gasping
you will have been gasping
he/she/it will have been gasping
they will have been gasping
I would have gasped
we would have gasped
you would have gasped
he/she/it would have gasped
they would have gasped
I would be gasping
we would be gasping
you would be gasping
he/she/it would be gasping
they would be gasping
I would have been gasping
we would have been gasping
you would have been gasping
he/she/it would have been gasping
they would have been gasping