How Do You Spell GAUR?

The word "gaur" (IPA: ɡɔː(r)) is a noun that refers to a large, wild, ox-like animal found in South and Southeast Asia. The spelling of the word "gaur" can be confusing for English speakers due to the pronunciation of the word, which might suggest spelling variations such as "gor" or "gaar". However, the correct spelling is "gaur". The pronunciation of the "au" sound in "gaur" is similar to the sound in "caught" or "taught".

Common Misspellings for GAUR

  • vaur
  • yaur
  • taur
  • gzur
  • gsur
  • gwur
  • gqur
  • gajr
  • ga8r
  • ga7r
  • gau5
  • gau4
  • fgaur
  • gfaur
  • vgaur
  • gvaur
  • bgaur
  • gbaur
  • hgaur
  • ghaur

Similar spelling words for GAUR

Plural form of GAUR is GAURS

16 words made out of letters GAUR

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3 letters

4 letters


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