Gawalowski's test is a medical examination used to evaluate the functionality of the patellofemoral joint. It is pronounced as /ɡəˌwɑlɔfskiz tɛst/. The phonetic transcription of this word reveals that it is pronounced with a schwa sound before the first syllable, followed by a stress on the second syllable, and ending with a "s" sound. The spelling of Gawalowski's test is derived from the name of the physician who invented this assessment, Dr. Michael Gawalowski.

Common Misspellings for GAWALOWSKI'S TEST

  • fawalowski's test
  • vawalowski's test
  • bawalowski's test
  • hawalowski's test
  • yawalowski's test
  • tawalowski's test
  • gzwalowski's test
  • gswalowski's test
  • gwwalowski's test
  • gqwalowski's test
  • gaqalowski's test
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  • ga3alowski's test
  • ga2alowski's test
  • gawzlowski's test
  • gawslowski's test
  • gawwlowski's test
  • gawqlowski's test

Similar spelling word for GAWALOWSKI'S TEST

  • Gawalowskis test.

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