How Do You Spell GEED?

The word "Geed" is a vernacular term that is commonly used in the Southern United States to refer to the command given to a horse to go faster. The spelling of this word might seem a little unusual, but it actually makes sense when you consider its pronunciation. In IPA phonetic transcription, "Geed" is spelled /dʒid/, which reflects the way it is pronounced with a hard "g" sound and a short "i" sound. This pronunciation is consistent with many other American English words that use the combination "gee" to indicate a command to horses, such as "gee up" and "gee whoa."

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Conjugate verb Geed


I would gee
we would gee
you would gee
he/she/it would gee
they would gee


I will gee
we will gee
you will gee
he/she/it will gee
they will gee


I will have geed
we will have geed
you will have geed
he/she/it will have geed
they will have geed


I geed
we geed
you geed
he/she/it geed
they geed


I had geed
we had geed
you had geed
he/she/it had geed
they had geed


I gee
we gee
you gee
he/she/it gees
they gee


I have geed
we have geed
you have geed
he/she/it has geed
they have geed
I am geeing
we are geeing
you are geeing
he/she/it is geeing
they are geeing
I was geeing
we were geeing
you were geeing
he/she/it was geeing
they were geeing
I will be geeing
we will be geeing
you will be geeing
he/she/it will be geeing
they will be geeing
I have been geeing
we have been geeing
you have been geeing
he/she/it has been geeing
they have been geeing
I had been geeing
we had been geeing
you had been geeing
he/she/it had been geeing
they had been geeing
I will have been geeing
we will have been geeing
you will have been geeing
he/she/it will have been geeing
they will have been geeing
I would have geed
we would have geed
you would have geed
he/she/it would have geed
they would have geed
I would be geeing
we would be geeing
you would be geeing
he/she/it would be geeing
they would be geeing
I would have been geeing
we would have been geeing
you would have been geeing
he/she/it would have been geeing
they would have been geeing


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