How Do You Spell GEHN?

The word "gehn" is not typically used in English; however, it is a common word in German, where it is spelled "gehen" and pronounced as [ˈɡeːən]. The first letter "g" represents the voiced velar stop, "e" represents the mid-central vowel, and "h" indicates a slight aspiration of the first vowel. The final letter "n" represents the voiced alveolar nasal. It is important to note that in IPA, the final "n" is often not pronounced in German words, and "gehen" is actually pronounced as [ˈɡeːə].

Common Misspellings for GEHN

  • ghen
  • gehn
  • genh
  • gneh
  • g4hn
  • vgehn
  • bgehn
  • gbehn
  • ygehn
  • tgehn
  • gdehn
  • gedhn
  • grehn
  • g4ehn
  • ge4hn
  • g3ehn
  • ge3hn
  • gejhn
  • gehjn
  • geuhn

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