How Do You Spell GENAL?

The word "genal" refers to something pertaining to the jaw or cheek. It is spelled with a hard "g" followed by "e", "n", and then "a". The vowel sound is pronounced like the "eh" in "bet". The final "al" sound is pronounced like "uhl". The phonetic transcription for "genal" is /ˈdʒiː.nəl/. Paying attention to the spelling and pronunciation of words like "genal" can enhance one's vocabulary and communication skills.

Common Misspellings for GENAL

  • yenal
  • gwnal
  • gsnal
  • grnal
  • g4nal
  • g3nal
  • gebal
  • genzl
  • genwl
  • genql
  • genak
  • fgenal
  • gfenal
  • bgenal
  • gbenal
  • hgenal
  • ygenal
  • gtenal
  • gwenal
  • gewnal

28 words made out of letters GENAL

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