How Do You Spell GERAR?

The spelling of the word "gerar" can be explained using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) phonetic transcription. The word is pronounced as /gɛ'rɑr/, with the stress on the second syllable. The letter "g" is pronounced as a voiced velar plosive, and "e" is pronounced as a mid-front unrounded vowel. The second "a" is pronounced as an open back unrounded vowel, and the final "r" is pronounced as a voiced alveolar trill. This transcription can help with correct pronunciation and spelling of the word "gerar".

Common Misspellings for GERAR

  • verar
  • g4rar
  • g3rar
  • ge5ar
  • ge4ar
  • gerzr
  • gersr
  • gerwr
  • gerqr
  • gera5
  • gera4
  • fgerar
  • gferar
  • vgerar
  • gverar
  • bgerar
  • gberar
  • gherar
  • ygerar
  • gyerar

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