How Do You Spell GGP?

The spelling of the word "GGP" is very straightforward as it is simply an acronym. However, the pronunciation of each letter must be considered. "G" is pronounced as /dʒiː/ and "P" as /piː/. When put together, it is pronounced as /dʒiː dʒiː piː/. This acronym stands for General Growth Properties, which was a real estate investment trust that specialized in shopping centers. It was acquired by Brookfield Property Partners in 2018.

Common Misspellings for GGP

  • gg0
  • fggp
  • hggp
  • ghgp
  • yggp
  • tggp
  • ggbp
  • gghp
  • gg-p
  • gg0p
  • ggp0
  • g gp

1 words made out of letters GGP

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