How Do You Spell GILMOUR?

The spelling of "Gilmour" is relatively straightforward. It is pronounced as "ɡɪlmɔːr" in IPA phonetic transcription. The first syllable "gil" is pronounced with a soft "g" sound as in "girl". The second syllable "mour" is pronounced with an "or" sound as in "more". The letter "o" in the second syllable is silent. The name "Gilmour" is of Scottish origin and it means "servant of the Virgin Mary". It is commonly used as a last name.

Common Misspellings for GILMOUR

  • filmour
  • vilmour
  • bilmour
  • hilmour
  • yilmour
  • tilmour
  • gulmour
  • gjlmour
  • gklmour
  • golmour
  • g9lmour
  • g8lmour
  • gikmour
  • gipmour
  • giomour
  • gilnour
  • giljour
  • gilmiur
  • gilmkur

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