How Do You Spell GIVING?

The word "giving" is spelled with the letter "g" followed by the letter "i", which represents the short "i" sound. The next two letters, "v" and "i", represent the phoneme /v/. The final two letters, "n" and "g", are used to represent the final consonant cluster /ŋ/. The IPA phonetic transcription for "giving" is /ˈɡɪvɪŋ/. This word refers to the act of providing or bestowing something, whether it be material or immaterial. It's an important aspect of human behavior and often creates a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

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Similar spelling words for GIVING

Plural form of GIVING is GIVINGS

12 words made out of letters GIVING

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Conjugate verb Giving


I would give
we would give
you would give
he/she/it would give
they would give


I will give
we will give
you will give
he/she/it will give
they will give


I will have given
we will have given
you will have given
he/she/it will have given
they will have given


I gave
we gave
you gave
he/she/it gave
they gave


I had given
we had given
you had given
he/she/it had given
they had given


I give
we give
you give
he/she/it gives
they give


I have given
we have given
you have given
he/she/it has given
they have given
I am giving
we are giving
you are giving
he/she/it is giving
they are giving
I was giving
we were giving
you were giving
he/she/it was giving
they were giving
I will be giving
we will be giving
you will be giving
he/she/it will be giving
they will be giving
I have been giving
we have been giving
you have been giving
he/she/it has been giving
they have been giving
I had been giving
we had been giving
you had been giving
he/she/it had been giving
they had been giving
I will have been giving
we will have been giving
you will have been giving
he/she/it will have been giving
they will have been giving
I would have given
we would have given
you would have given
he/she/it would have given
they would have given
I would be giving
we would be giving
you would be giving
he/she/it would be giving
they would be giving
I would have been giving
we would have been giving
you would have been giving
he/she/it would have been giving
they would have been giving


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