How Do You Spell GLANDULOUS?

Pronunciation: [ɡlˈandjʊləs] (IPA)

The word "glandulous" is a tricky one to spell, given its unusual phonetics. The IPA phonetic transcription of "glandulous" is /ɡlændjʊləs/, which breaks down as follows: "g" pronounced as in "goat", "l" pronounced as in "limb", "a" pronounced as in "cat", "n" pronounced as in "no", "d" pronounced as in "dog", "j" pronounced as in "jump", "u" pronounced as in "put", "l" and "əs" pronounced as in "limb" and "us", respectively. Remembering this IPA transcription should help you spell "glandulous" correctly in the future!

GLANDULOUS Meaning and Definition

Glandulous is an adjective that pertains to or describes something containing, consisting of, or relating to glands. The term is typically used in the context of biology and medicine to discuss the presence or characteristics of glands.

Glands are organs or structures within the body that produce and secrete substances, such as hormones, enzymes, or sweat. They can be classified into various types, including endocrine glands, which release hormones directly into the bloodstream, and exocrine glands, which secrete substances through ducts to specific areas of the body or to the external environment.

When something is referred to as glandulous, it means that it has a significant amount of or a particular association with glands. For example, a glandulous tissue or organ would have a high concentration or be composed mainly of glands. Similarly, a glandulous secretion would be a fluid or substance produced and discharged by a gland.

In a broader sense, the term may also be used metaphorically to describe something that is marked by an excess or overabundance of a particular quality or characteristic. In this context, being glandulous could imply that something is excessively or visibly gland-like, in terms of its shape, texture, or function.

Overall, glandulous is a descriptive adjective that signifies a connection or abundance of glands in biological or metaphorical contexts.

Common Misspellings for GLANDULOUS

  • flandulous
  • vlandulous
  • blandulous
  • hlandulous
  • ylandulous
  • tlandulous
  • gkandulous
  • gpandulous
  • goandulous
  • glzndulous
  • glsndulous
  • glwndulous
  • glqndulous
  • glabdulous
  • glamdulous
  • glajdulous
  • glahdulous
  • glansulous
  • glanxulous

Etymology of GLANDULOUS

The word "glandulous" is derived from the Latin word "glandulosus", which means "full of acorns" or "bearing acorns". The Latin term is derived from "glandula", meaning "acorn", which itself is a diminutive form of "glans", meaning "acorn" or "swollen gland". The term "glandulous" refers to something that is glandular or has swollen or enlarged glands.


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