How Do You Spell GLEANS?

Correct spelling for the English word "gleans" is [ɡlˈiːnz], [ɡlˈiːnz], [ɡ_l_ˈiː_n_z] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for GLEANS

Below is the list of 69 misspellings for the word "gleans".

Similar spelling words for GLEANS

40 words made out of letters GLEANS

4 letters

  • gens,
  • elan,
  • gean,
  • sane,
  • sang,
  • ages,
  • lena,
  • gals,
  • gale,
  • snag,
  • lane,
  • lean,
  • nags,
  • sale,
  • ales,
  • glen,
  • gels,
  • lens,
  • legs,
  • sage,
  • lags,
  • gael,
  • seal,
  • slag,
  • leas,
  • lase.

5 letters

  • glans,
  • lange,
  • segal,
  • slang,
  • angel,
  • galen,
  • glean,
  • gales,
  • lanes,
  • angle,
  • glens,
  • leans.

6 letters

  • angels,
  • angles.

Conjugate verb Gleans


I would glean
we would glean
you would glean
he/she/it would glean
they would glean


I will glean
we will glean
you will glean
he/she/it will glean
they will glean


I will have gleaned
we will have gleaned
you will have gleaned
he/she/it will have gleaned
they will have gleaned


I gleaned
we gleaned
you gleaned
he/she/it gleaned
they gleaned


I had gleaned
we had gleaned
you had gleaned
he/she/it had gleaned
they had gleaned


I glean
we glean
you glean
he/she/it gleans
they glean


I have gleaned
we have gleaned
you have gleaned
he/she/it has gleaned
they have gleaned
I am gleaning
we are gleaning
you are gleaning
he/she/it is gleaning
they are gleaning
I was gleaning
we were gleaning
you were gleaning
he/she/it was gleaning
they were gleaning
I will be gleaning
we will be gleaning
you will be gleaning
he/she/it will be gleaning
they will be gleaning
I have been gleaning
we have been gleaning
you have been gleaning
he/she/it has been gleaning
they have been gleaning
I had been gleaning
we had been gleaning
you had been gleaning
he/she/it had been gleaning
they had been gleaning
I will have been gleaning
we will have been gleaning
you will have been gleaning
he/she/it will have been gleaning
they will have been gleaning
I would have gleaned
we would have gleaned
you would have gleaned
he/she/it would have gleaned
they would have gleaned
I would be gleaning
we would be gleaning
you would be gleaning
he/she/it would be gleaning
they would be gleaning
I would have been gleaning
we would have been gleaning
you would have been gleaning
he/she/it would have been gleaning
they would have been gleaning


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