How Do You Spell GLEET?

The word "gleet" is spelled as /ɡliːt/ in IPA phonetic transcription. It is a noun that refers to a discharge from an infected part of the body, especially the urinary tract. The spelling of this word can be a bit confusing, as the "ee" followed by the "t" might suggest a long "e" sound followed by a "t". Instead, it is pronounced with a long "i" sound followed by a "t". This can be helpful for remembering how to spell the word correctly.

Common Misspellings for GLEET

  • hleet
  • yleet
  • gkeet
  • gpeet
  • goeet
  • glwet
  • glset
  • gldet
  • glret
  • gl4et
  • gl3et
  • glewt
  • gledt
  • glert
  • gle4t
  • gle3t
  • gleef
  • gleeg
  • gleey

Similar spelling words for GLEET

Plural form of GLEET is GLEETS

16 words made out of letters GLEET

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4 letters

5 letters


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