How Do You Spell GLIA?

The word "glia" is spelled G-L-I-A and pronounced as /ɡliə/. It is a term used in neuroscience to refer to a type of cell that surrounds and supports neurons in the nervous system. The spelling of the word comes from the Greek word "glia" which means "glue", reflecting the function of these cells in binding neurons together. The correct pronunciation of the word is important in order to effectively communicate about the functions of this important component of the nervous system.

Common Misspellings for GLIA

  • gplia
  • gliia
  • gliaa
  • olia
  • clia
  • gdia
  • ghia
  • gnia
  • gmia
  • glya
  • glma
  • glha
  • glii
  • glie
  • glic
  • glayea
  • gleyea
  • g lia
  • gl ia
  • gli a

Similar spelling words for GLIA

Plural form of GLIA is GLIAS

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