How Do You Spell GLOWING?

Correct spelling for the English word "glowing" is [ɡlˈə͡ʊɪŋ], [ɡlˈə‍ʊɪŋ], [ɡ_l_ˈəʊ_ɪ_ŋ] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Similar spelling words for GLOWING

Plural form of GLOWING is GLOWINGS

71 words made out of letters GLOWING

3 letters

  • oil,
  • gin,
  • own,
  • wig,
  • win,
  • ilo,
  • nog,
  • ion,
  • iwo,
  • igg,
  • won,
  • now,
  • lin,
  • nil,
  • log,
  • gig,
  • low,
  • owl,
  • wog,
  • nig.

4 letters

  • lowi,
  • wing,
  • nogg,
  • liow,
  • gign,
  • long,
  • lion,
  • iggo,
  • ngoi,
  • gigl,
  • goil,
  • gwil,
  • gwon,
  • gilo,
  • iwon,
  • gogl,
  • olig,
  • loin,
  • gigo,
  • inlo,
  • gown,
  • lino,
  • gong,
  • gogi,
  • gion,
  • ngog,
  • iong,
  • igon,
  • glow,
  • gilg,
  • ilgo,
  • ogin,
  • ling,
  • nigg,
  • igno,
  • noli,
  • lnow.

5 letters

  • wingo,
  • gowin,
  • loing,
  • lowin,
  • ligon,
  • gigon,
  • golin,
  • oggin,
  • login,
  • lingg,
  • wolin,
  • gling,
  • wongi,
  • glion.

Conjugate verb Glowing


I would glow
we would glow
you would glow
he/she/it would glow
they would glow


I will glow
we will glow
you will glow
he/she/it will glow
they will glow


I will have glowed
we will have glowed
you will have glowed
he/she/it will have glowed
they will have glowed


I glowed
we glowed
you glowed
he/she/it glowed
they glowed


I had glowed
we had glowed
you had glowed
he/she/it had glowed
they had glowed


I glow
we glow
you glow
he/she/it glows
they glow


I have glowed
we have glowed
you have glowed
he/she/it has glowed
they have glowed
I am glowing
we are glowing
you are glowing
he/she/it is glowing
they are glowing
I was glowing
we were glowing
you were glowing
he/she/it was glowing
they were glowing
I will be glowing
we will be glowing
you will be glowing
he/she/it will be glowing
they will be glowing
I have been glowing
we have been glowing
you have been glowing
he/she/it has been glowing
they have been glowing
I had been glowing
we had been glowing
you had been glowing
he/she/it had been glowing
they had been glowing
I will have been glowing
we will have been glowing
you will have been glowing
he/she/it will have been glowing
they will have been glowing
I would have glowed
we would have glowed
you would have glowed
he/she/it would have glowed
they would have glowed
I would be glowing
we would be glowing
you would be glowing
he/she/it would be glowing
they would be glowing
I would have been glowing
we would have been glowing
you would have been glowing
he/she/it would have been glowing
they would have been glowing


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