How Do You Spell GOAIR?

The word "GOAIR" is spelled as /ɡoʊˈɛr/. The initial sound /ɡ/ represents the voiced velar stop, following by the long vowel /oʊ/ and the consonant cluster /ɛr/ which indicates the rhotic diphthong. In phonetic transcription, the stress mark /ˈ/ symbolizes the primary stress, indicating the word's emphasis on the first syllable. Thus, the phonetic transcription of "GOAIR" reflects its pronunciation, making it easier for non-native English speakers to pronounce the word accurately.

Common Misspellings for GOAIR

  • goari
  • ggoair
  • gooair
  • goaair
  • goaiir
  • goairr
  • wOAIR
  • oOAIR
  • GOeIR
  • GOAyR
  • GOAmR
  • GOAhR
  • GOAIb
  • GOAIz
  • GOAIv
  • g oair
  • goa ir
  • goai r

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