How Do You Spell GOLL?

The word "Goll" is spelled as /ɡoʊl/. It is a variant spelling of the word "goal," which means an aim or objective that one intends to achieve. The IPA phonetic transcription represents the sounds of the word. The /ɡ/ sound at the beginning of the word represents the voiced velar stop, the /oʊ/ sound represents a diphthong that sounds like "oh," and the /l/ sound at the end represents a voiced alveolar lateral approximant. The spelling of this word is essential in proper communication and understanding.

Common Misspellings for GOLL

  • gopll
  • g0oll
  • go0ll
  • g9oll
  • go9ll
  • golkl
  • golpl
  • gooll
  • golol
  • gollk
  • gollp
  • ogll
  • ggoll
  • Ggll
  • Gnll
  • Gohl
  • Golh
  • g oll
  • go ll
  • gol l

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