How Do You Spell GOOFILY?

The adverb goofily, meaning in a silly or foolish manner, is pronounced with a long /i/ sound in the second syllable, like 'ee'. This is indicated by the IPA phonetic transcription: /ˈɡuːfɪli/. The spelling of this word reflects this pronunciation, with the '-ily' suffix used to indicate manner or style, and the letter 'i' representing the long /i/ sound. So, when describing someone's actions as silly or foolish, you can use the word 'goofily' to convey that meaning.

Common Misspellings for GOOFILY

  • foofily
  • voofily
  • boofily
  • hoofily
  • yoofily
  • toofily
  • giofily
  • gkofily
  • glofily
  • gpofily
  • g0ofily
  • g9ofily
  • goifily
  • gokfily
  • golfily
  • gopfily
  • go0fily
  • go9fily
  • goodily

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