The spelling of the word "goofinesses" can be quite perplexing, but the IPA phonetic transcription can provide some clarity. The word is pronounced as /ˈɡuːfɪnəsɪz/, with a long "oo" sound in "goof," followed by "i" and "e" sounds in "ni" and "nesses." The double "f" in "goofinesses" may seem like an error, but it's actually necessary to indicate that the "i" sound is short rather than long. Remembering the IPA phonetic transcription can make understanding the spelling of tricky words like "goofinesses" easier.

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Anagrams for goofinesses

Common Misspellings for GOOFINESSES

  • goofinesss
  • goofineses
  • goofinesse
  • foofinesses
  • voofinesses
  • boofinesses
  • hoofinesses
  • yoofinesses
  • toofinesses
  • giofinesses
  • gkofinesses
  • glofinesses
  • gpofinesses
  • g0ofinesses
  • g9ofinesses
  • goifinesses
  • gokfinesses
  • golfinesses
  • gopfinesses
  • go0finesses

2 words made out of letters GOOFINESSES

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