How Do You Spell GOOFING OFF?

The term "goofing off" refers to engaging in leisure activities instead of doing work or responsibilities. This phrase is spelled phonetically as /ɡuːfɪŋ ɒf/. The first part, "goof," is pronounced with a long "u" sound, while the second part, "ing," has a short "i" sound. The final word, "off," is pronounced as it is spelled. This phrase is commonly used in casual conversations and is often considered a slang or colloquial expression for wasting time.

Common Misspellings for GOOFING OFF

  • foofing off
  • voofing off
  • boofing off
  • hoofing off
  • yoofing off
  • toofing off
  • giofing off
  • gkofing off
  • glofing off
  • gpofing off
  • g0ofing off
  • g9ofing off
  • goifing off
  • gokfing off
  • golfing off
  • gopfing off
  • go0fing off
  • go9fing off
  • gooding off
  • goofing oiff

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