How Do You Spell GOVINDA?

The name "Govinda" is a Sanskrit word meaning "cowherd" or "one who brings happiness to cows." In phonetic transcription, "Govinda" is spelled as /ɡoʋɪnd̪a/. The first syllable /ɡo/ is pronounced with the voiced velar stop consonant, followed by the vowel sound /ʋɪ/ which is represented by the Hindi letter "वि" (vi) in the Devanagari script. The second syllable /nd̪a/ includes the voiced dental nasal consonant and the vowel sound /a/. The word "Govinda" is commonly used as a male given name in Hindu culture.

Common Misspellings for GOVINDA

  • gobinda
  • fovinda
  • vovinda
  • bovinda
  • hovinda
  • yovinda
  • tovinda
  • givinda
  • gkvinda
  • glvinda
  • gpvinda
  • g0vinda
  • g9vinda
  • govunda
  • govjnda
  • govknda
  • govonda
  • gov9nda
  • gov8nda
  • govibda

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