How Do You Spell GOW?

The word "GOW" is spelled with three letters, but the pronunciation may vary depending on the region or accent. In IPA phonetic transcription, it can be represented as /gaʊ/. The first sound is a voiced velar stop /g/, followed by a diphthong /aʊ/ which is a combination of open back unrounded vowel /a/ and a close back rounded vowel /ʊ/. The spelling of "GOW" may seem simple, but it can be confusing for non-native speakers due to the diverse range of English accents.

Common Misspellings for GOW

  • g0w
  • gopw
  • g0ow
  • go0w
  • g9ow
  • go9w
  • goqw
  • gowq
  • go3w
  • go2w
  • ggow
  • goww
  • go w

Similar spelling words for GOW

4 words made out of letters GOW

2 letters

3 letters


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