How Do You Spell GOY?

The spelling of the word "goy" can be confusing for English speakers. "Goy" is a Yiddish term that refers to a non-Jewish person. The correct pronunciation of "goy" is /ɡɔɪ/; it rhymes with "boy". The spelling of "goy" reflects its Yiddish origins, which use the Hebrew alphabet. The letter "g" represents the Hebrew letter "gimel," while the letter "o" represents the Hebrew letter "aleph." The letter "y" is added in English to reflect the Yiddish pronunciation.

Common Misspellings for GOY

  • gkoy
  • gpoy
  • g0oy
  • go0y
  • g9oy
  • go9y
  • goyg
  • goyu
  • go7y
  • goy7
  • go6y
  • goy6
  • ggoy
  • goyy
  • woy
  • ooy
  • eoy
  • ggy
  • g oy
  • go y

Similar spelling words for GOY

Plural form of GOY is GOYIM OR GOYS

2 words made out of letters GOY

2 letters

3 letters


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