Pronunciation: [ɡɹˌadjuːˈe͡ɪʃənz] (IPA)

The spelling of the word "graduations" may cause confusion due to the presence of two consonants, "t" and "s," that are pronounced together as a single sound. The IPA phonetic transcription for "graduations" is /ɡrædʒuˈeɪʃənz/. The "t" and "s" combination is represented by the phoneme /dʒ/, which is pronounced as a single sound. Additionally, the last syllable "tions" is pronounced as /ʃənz/ using the phoneme /ʃ/ to represent the "sh" sound.

GRADUATIONS Meaning and Definition

  1. Graduation is the act or process of receiving an academic degree or diploma, typically marking the successful completion of a course of study or program at an educational institution. It is a significant milestone in a person's educational journey and represents their transition from one phase to the next, often from one level of education to a higher level or from schooling to the professional world.

    Graduations usually involve a formal ceremony or event where students are recognized and officially conferred their degrees or diplomas. These ceremonies often include speeches, the presentation of awards, and the acknowledgment of outstanding achievements. Graduation ceremonies may vary in their traditions and customs, depending on the educational institution or culture.

    The term "graduations" can also refer to the plural form of the word "graduation," denoting multiple instances or occurrences of graduation. For instance, if there are several graduation ceremonies held at the same educational institution or multiple students completing their studies at different times, it can be said that there are several graduations taking place.

    In a broader sense, "graduations" can also be used metaphorically to represent the process of progressing or advancing from one stage, level, or position to another in various domains of life, such as careers or personal achievements.

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Etymology of GRADUATIONS

The word "graduations" comes from the Latin word "gradus", which means "step" or "grade". The suffix "-tion" is derived from the Latin noun-forming suffix "-tio", which indicates the action or process of. Therefore, "graduations" refers to the action or process of progressing or moving through different grades or steps.

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