How Do You Spell GRAY?

Correct spelling for the English word "gray" is [ɡ_ɹ_ˈeɪ], [ɡɹˈe͡ɪ], [ɡɹˈe‍ɪ]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for GRAY

Below is the list of 289 misspellings for the word "gray".

Similar spelling words for GRAY

Plural form of GRAY is GRAYS

Definition of GRAY

  1. Grayness, greyness.

Anagrams of GRAY

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Usage Examples for GRAY

  1. " I never seen the gray before," he went on. - "The Garden of Eden" by Max Brand
  2. The last time I came you were off hunting somewhere, and I called and called, but no gray brother came. - "Melody The Story of a Child" by Laura E. Richards
  3. Or is it gray? - "The Call of the Canyon" by Zane Grey
  4. Seen anything of the Gray Phantom lately?" - "The Gray Phantom's Return" by Herman Landon
  5. Gray Fox would not hurt any one till their hand was raised against him first. - "Red Men and White" by Owen Wister

Conjugate verb Gray


I would gray
we would gray
you would gray
he/she/it would gray
they would gray


I will gray
we will gray
you will gray
he/she/it will gray
they will gray


I will have grayed
we will have grayed
you will have grayed
he/she/it will have grayed
they will have grayed


I grayed
we grayed
you grayed
he/she/it grayed
they grayed


I had grayed
we had grayed
you had grayed
he/she/it had grayed
they had grayed


I gray
we gray
you gray
he/she/it grays
they gray


I have grayed
we have grayed
you have grayed
he/she/it has grayed
they have grayed
I am graying
we are graying
you are graying
he/she/it is graying
they are graying
I was graying
we were graying
you were graying
he/she/it was graying
they were graying
I will be graying
we will be graying
you will be graying
he/she/it will be graying
they will be graying
I have been graying
we have been graying
you have been graying
he/she/it has been graying
they have been graying
I had been graying
we had been graying
you had been graying
he/she/it had been graying
they had been graying
I will have been graying
we will have been graying
you will have been graying
he/she/it will have been graying
they will have been graying
I would have grayed
we would have grayed
you would have grayed
he/she/it would have grayed
they would have grayed
I would be graying
we would be graying
you would be graying
he/she/it would be graying
they would be graying
I would have been graying
we would have been graying
you would have been graying
he/she/it would have been graying
they would have been graying