How Do You Spell GREETS?

Correct spelling for the English word "greets" is [ɡ_ɹ_ˈiː_t_s], [ɡɹˈiːts], [ɡɹˈiːts]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for GREETS

Below is the list of 157 misspellings for the word "greets".

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Anagrams of GREETS

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Usage Examples for GREETS

  1. Lady Percy enters, and Hotspur greets her: How now, Kate? - "The Man Shakespeare" by Frank Harris
  2. The splendid fighting record of the Third speaks eloquently of his capable leadership and the rousing and prolonged cheering which greets him when presiding over or addressing an assembly of his men leaves no doubt in the mind as to his popularity. - "Over the Top With the Third Australian Division" by G. P. Cuttriss

Conjugate verb Greets


I would greet
we would greet
you would greet
he/she/it would greet
they would greet


I will greet
we will greet
you will greet
he/she/it will greet
they will greet


I will have greeted
we will have greeted
you will have greeted
he/she/it will have greeted
they will have greeted


I greeted
we greeted
you greeted
he/she/it greeted
they greeted


I had greeted
we had greeted
you had greeted
he/she/it had greeted
they had greeted


I greet
we greet
you greet
he/she/it greets
they greet


I have greeted
we have greeted
you have greeted
he/she/it has greeted
they have greeted
I am greeting
we are greeting
you are greeting
he/she/it is greeting
they are greeting
I was greeting
we were greeting
you were greeting
he/she/it was greeting
they were greeting
I will be greeting
we will be greeting
you will be greeting
he/she/it will be greeting
they will be greeting
I have been greeting
we have been greeting
you have been greeting
he/she/it has been greeting
they have been greeting
I had been greeting
we had been greeting
you had been greeting
he/she/it had been greeting
they had been greeting
I will have been greeting
we will have been greeting
you will have been greeting
he/she/it will have been greeting
they will have been greeting
I would have greeted
we would have greeted
you would have greeted
he/she/it would have greeted
they would have greeted
I would be greeting
we would be greeting
you would be greeting
he/she/it would be greeting
they would be greeting
I would have been greeting
we would have been greeting
you would have been greeting
he/she/it would have been greeting
they would have been greeting