How Do You Spell GROOMS?

Correct spelling for the English word "grooms" is [ɡ_ɹ_ˈuː_m_z], [ɡɹˈuːmz], [ɡɹˈuːmz]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for GROOMS

Below is the list of 90 misspellings for the word "grooms".

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Anagrams of GROOMS

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4 letters

Usage Examples for GROOMS

  1. The brides and grooms had been gone for some time, and might now be coming back in a few days. - "The Squatter and the Don" by C. Loyal
  2. " Let 'em go," Sedger called to the grooms. - "With Edge Tools" by Hobart Chatfield-Taylor

Conjugate verb Grooms


I would groom
we would groom
you would groom
he/she/it would groom
they would groom


I will groom
we will groom
you will groom
he/she/it will groom
they will groom


I will have groomed
we will have groomed
you will have groomed
he/she/it will have groomed
they will have groomed


I groomed
we groomed
you groomed
he/she/it groomed
they groomed


I had groomed
we had groomed
you had groomed
he/she/it had groomed
they had groomed


I groom
we groom
you groom
he/she/it grooms
they groom


I have groomed
we have groomed
you have groomed
he/she/it has groomed
they have groomed
I am grooming
we are grooming
you are grooming
he/she/it is grooming
they are grooming
I was grooming
we were grooming
you were grooming
he/she/it was grooming
they were grooming
I will be grooming
we will be grooming
you will be grooming
he/she/it will be grooming
they will be grooming
I have been grooming
we have been grooming
you have been grooming
he/she/it has been grooming
they have been grooming
I had been grooming
we had been grooming
you had been grooming
he/she/it had been grooming
they had been grooming
I will have been grooming
we will have been grooming
you will have been grooming
he/she/it will have been grooming
they will have been grooming
I would have groomed
we would have groomed
you would have groomed
he/she/it would have groomed
they would have groomed
I would be grooming
we would be grooming
you would be grooming
he/she/it would be grooming
they would be grooming
I would have been grooming
we would have been grooming
you would have been grooming
he/she/it would have been grooming
they would have been grooming